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Having worked in a high-performance environment at the Blue Bulls Company for many years, recovery has been an integral part of Lee-Anne’s daily routine. Continually researching the various and latest recovery modalities to not only enhance recovery and performance for the team, but each Individual alike. Athletes are exposed to the best recovery options available, at any given time before, during and after training.

Recovery is a scientific approach to managing injury prevention correctly. Rehabilitation of sports injuries has become a necessity in any professional athlete’s career. It’s a process designed to minimise the loss associated with acute injuries, promote recovery, maximise functional capacity, fitness and performance. Lee-Anne’s ongoing working experience has brought her to the point in her career that gives her the cutting edge over any other Sports Scientist.

All recovery services here at Fierce Pro Recovery are not only for athletes, but for all living a healthy and active lifestyle wanting to enhance their quality of life. Making use of scientifically proven recovery methods, clients can expect an area where they will be treated in a standardised wellness and recovery environment, with professional personnel.


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Fierce Pro Recovery located at the Polo Village Offices, D1, Val de Vie Estate.

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