About Us

Fierce Pro Recovery is a Scientific approach towards Pre & Post Recovery. Giving athletes access to state-of-the-art recovery tools, available at any given time before, during, after training. Making use of scientifically proven recovery modalities, enhancing recovery, maximize functional capacity & performance. A Process designed to minimize the loss associated with acute & chronic injuries more time effectively.

Why CryoTherapy is the future
for you

Reaching temperatures as cold as PLuto, it's a modern day application of an old age medical practice.

Heal faster

CryoTherapy can help you heal up to 3 times faster and is an effective pain killer.

Burn more calories

Burn 500-800 calories and produce more ''brown fat'' in the process.

Full strenght

Get as close to ''full strenght'' as possible by sending Oxygenated, nutrient rick, blood through your body


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TEL: 076 046 9493
Fierce Pro Recovery located at the Polo Village Offices, D1, Val de Vie Estate.

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