Recovery Modalities


CryoTherapy can help you heal up to 3 times faster.

/Normatec Compression

NormaTec is an innovative technology that uses air pressure massage to relieve muscle aches


EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. These units are designed to provide relief by stimulating the muscles themselves.

/Stretch Theraphy

is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.

/Sleep Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is a structured program that helps you identify and replace thoughts and behaviors that cause or worsen sleep problems with habits that promote sound sleep. Unlike sleeping pills, CBT-I helps you overcome the underlying causes of your sleep problems.

About Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is well known as a safe 2-3 minute treatment in which human’s entire body surface is being exposed to cryogenic temperatures ranging from -110 to -150 C. The main purpose of cryotherapy is to provoke a body to a hormonal response which increases body’s strength and maintains physical form of users. These temperatures stimulate the body’s metabolism,promoting Injury Recovery, Sports Performance.

Recommended for:
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Osteoarthritis
- Psoriatic arthritis
- Ankylosing spondylitis
- Fibromyalgia
- Any post traumatic, overload conditions and inflammation of the motor system
- Multiple sclerosis (SM)
- Athletic recovery (biostimulation)
- Post traumatic conditions of soft tissues

- Loosening of tense muscles
- Reduction of pain
- Shortened convalescence after injuries
- A marked increase in muscle strength
- Increased mobility in the joints
- Strengthens the immune system
- Reduction of swelling and inflammation
- Anti-cellulite effect
- Increased secretion of hormones and β-endorphins
- An extremely beneficial effect on the psyche
- Improves sleep quality and improves mood
- Increase and consolidation of beneficial effects of kinesiotherapy

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